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Isaiah 14:12-15 – The Fall of Lucifer
“How you are fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning! How you are cut down to the ground, you who weakened the nations! For you have said in your heart: I will ascend into heaven, I will exalt my throne above the stars of God; I will also sit on the mount of the congregation on the farthest sides of the north; I will ascend above the heights of the clouds, I will be like the Most High.’ Yet you shall be brought down to Sheol, to the lowest depths of the Pit.” NKJV

What is the second heaven?

First we need to understand there are three main heavens described in Scripture. The first heaven in sequential order is described in Genesis 1:8 as “the heavens above the earth”. It is the atmosphere around the earth and is referred to as the firmament or expanse (aerial.) Next we see in scripture that the third heaven is where God’s Kingdom is located as noted in Revelation 4:2 and in Philippians 2:9. It is described as being “far above all heavens” and is where Jesus ascended to in Ephesians 4:10. The second heaven is described in several passages such as Deuteronomy 4:19 and Matthew 24:29. The second heaven is also described as “the heavens where our atmosphere ends and the stars, moon and sky in the celestials begin.” So above the atmosphere it is known as the celestial heavens as well. The use of this term celestial heavens also refers to outer space or the stellar heaven.

Note however the term “second heaven” is not specifically mentioned in earlier translations of the Bible such as the King James Version. So being in sequential order it is only assumed by readers as the second heaven, but is not identified as so. In 2 Corinthians 12:2-4, Paul the Apostle does specifically mention the third heaven by number; he calls it “Paradise”. It is also known as what Jesus called the “Father’s house”. Revelation 21:1, (written by the Apostle John, the Revelator) mentions the first heaven by number. So again, the first and the third heavens are mentioned by number, but not the second in early translations.

The “Theory of Relativity” proposed in 1905 by the German physicist Albert Einstein, theorized time travel as being the fourth dimension (space–time continuum/interdimensional.) This theory preceded his famous equation that led the way to the atomic bomb (E=mc2). What I find interesting is the similarity between this theory and Satan–that both lead to destruction. Since Einstein’s discoveries, there have been more dimensions added to the dimensional theories that I believe are utilized by the divine and also by the demonic. Quantum physics theorizes these dimensions to describe the nature of the universe–possibly up to ten dimensions and even an eleventh is now being debated. Remember with God, all things are possible. As humans, we have only a small understanding of the big picture of the heavens. The relationship between the physical heavens and the inter-dimensional heavens is not fully understood. I only know that I deal with the inter-dimensional heavens every day in the deliverance ministry–manifesting both good and bad. With the assistance of the divine Holy Spirit, I am able to cast out evil that presently plagues millions of people! For simplicity and the understanding of this book I will only relate to the spiritual side of the heavens and not the physical unless noted.

Satan has not yet been completely cast out of the heavens as some people would think. That will take place as spoken in Revelation 12:8. In the meantime, Satan is able to move around, but is under divine restriction and has to stay within God’s spiritual laws. Satan is still able to enter into God’s courts to accuse the brethren when sin has been committed. Satan and his disciples (fallen angels and demons) presently reside in the second heaven, which is also called the spirit realm. It is even referenced as the fourth dimension, which means “to be able to manifest in the physical”. This can be achieved by what is known as portholes or stargates. That means a “gateway from the supernatural to the physical”.
Einstein theorized this gateway as wormholes and is known as Einstein–Rosen bridge. Hence, the title of this book, “Second Heaven Invasion”. This book will describe how Satan and his disciples are ready and able to torment the inhabitance of this planet whenever possible.

However, note that the gates of hell will not prevail against what Jesus calls “My Church” as told in Matthew 16:18. So those who are not in Christ Jesus are cursed whenever a full breach of the heavens and hell takes place. They will find out just how terrible it will be for those who have rejected Jesus and need to be delivered. Hell is also referred to as Hades or Sheol (the pit or abyss). It is real, and it is also inter-dimensional within the earth as described in Ephesians 4:9.
As mentioned, Satan and his disciples (demons) are free to move about between hell and the earth within the spiritual laws. How do I know this? Because if Satan could destroy man before the great tribulation, he would have done so long ago! In Hebrew, Satan’s name is Abaddon, and in the Greek he has the name Apollyon–the great destroyer (Revelation 9:11 and 2 Thessalonians 2:3).

I need to address the deception that has been in place for some time now to relate “alien close-encounter” events as being extraterrestrial (from outer space), when in fact they originated inter-dimensionally and come from the spirit realm–not other planets or galaxies! However, there are projects currently in place within governmental agencies that utilize the celestial sciences (called “fallen angel technology”) to incorporate demonic principalities with humans or Nephilim DNA (known as trans-humanism). They are developing physical hybrids that are passed off as extraterrestrials that visit earth. This does include fallen angels themselves that have been utilizing space travel (UFO’s) for centuries. Their own hybrids are called “grays”.

So we will be dealing with both physical demonic hybrids and demonic entities that came from the supernatural at one time. This has been Satan’s plan all along for the last days. We are warned about Satan and his demonic army in Ephesians 6:12. Paul references them as supernatural demonic beings describing them as principalities, powers, rulers of the darkness and spiritual wickedness in high places. Anyone who tries to argue this fact has never cast out a demon. Whatever the facts or your beliefs are, one thing we need to understand is that demons are here to stay till the return of Jesus Christ!

God is omnipresent (all places at one time) but Satan is not (finite). He utilizes the fourth dimension to do his dirty work. In 1 Peter 5:7 we are told “Satan goes around like a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour”. The only way he can do this to Christians, is for the children of God to give Satan legal right to do so. It is through sin that allows Satan to breach the spirit realm into the physical. Do not fall victim because of your ignorance my brethren. Remember, “God’s people parish from lack of knowledge”. (Hosea 4:6)

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Also here is another book written by this author called BPD or Jezebel which explains how the mischievous Jezebel Spirit operates in causing BPD.   This author has dealt with 2-3 serious causes in his personal life which almost ended his life. I am currently in a relationship with a woman that has the Jezebel spirit dictating her behavior and altering her personality. She understands and is fighting to rid herself of this demonic influence. Pray and let Jesus Christ know. God Bless! 


A Nightmare – Healing and Delivering Yourself – believe it!

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I want to give all praises to The Father, The Son Jesus Christ & The Holy Spirit for allowing me to have the ability and will to rid myself of physical pain and mental torment. What I’m about to share with you is from my personal experience which leaves me still truly amazed! This has been extremely difficult to organize and explain in writing. It is much easier to verbally share but here it is. If it seems difficult to follow try to read it from the perspective that I had minimal knowledge regarding demons and their capability during almost this entire experience until recently. I wish I knew back then what I know now. I had been involved in a startup company that was very exciting as well because of the picture that was painted in my mind that I was going to become a rich man if it indeed succeeded. Again, I stress deceitful. It wasn’t until recently Nov 2013 that I realized why I was really living in a nightmare. I want to first off state that the company I helped develop was ultimately controlled and manipulated by a person who was greedy, selfish, deceitful, grandiose, perverted, angry, hurt, spiritually lost which pretty much makes him I now categorize as being under serious demonic influence because none of that is what God wants of us. Since I had bought into his lies, deception, manipulation but not really understanding that this was what I bought into, it made me extremely blind to this person’s evil ways. I was tricked the entire time because my eyes were wide open thinking about dollar signs – again greed by masked deceit. I was always tempted with offerings of whores & drugs which I tried my best to avoid but sometimes it was in my face so much that it was hard to turn down every time when you are working with someone riddled with demons. Ok, so since I was blind to the bullshit I mentioned already, this made me unconsciously transform into a person that I did not want to be or never thought I could be. I was over worked and under paid which led me to become an angry, frustrated and a spiteful person. I was so frustrated that I was working my ass off but not getting rewarded because of the manipulation that I kept on believing like an idiot. Here this person in charge of the financial decisions of the company was living well, not having to worry about paying bills and having extra $ to do as he pleased with…..i.e. whores, drugs, expensive nights out etc. etc. & here I was living very tight. I became a complete asshole because I pretended that I was something I wasn’t – being a successful man, bullshitting my friends when they asked how well I was doing, spending money I could not afford to spend portraying like I had it and then scrounging here and there taking and selling product on the side which is more than wrong but I did it because I was working under a bullshit flag. I actually justified it by saying well he does it in every which way so why can’t I? Man I was lost. I actually started screwing the crazy broad that was in charge of inventory just so I could take product and hustle or sell it on the side for extra cash – weirdo shit. I justified it because that was what the controller manipulator person mentioned was doing in the first place screwing everyone every which way he could and zero empathy bc he was a complete sociopath. It was a complete recipe for disaster and I was living it. Gosh it makes me ill to my stomach thinking about it. So with the whores, the booze, the drugs, & the whole scene, I truly did not know what was going on or why struggle was happening in my life. Oh did I mention that landed myself in prison for a year and a half from 2010-2011?

Well after prison, I immediately jumped into a new intimate relationship with a woman back in early 2012 whom which I am still with today. It was like any new relationship; fresh, full of lust & excitement! Tons of good sex or what I thought was good (you will understand why I said that later). There was drinking, there were some drugs, there was lying, there was cheating, there denying, there was pretty much everything under the sun that was wrong & deceitful – again I will always go back to the false flag work situation I was under. The woman I became involved with in the new relationship had been through every bad thing you could even think about that could happen to a little girl growing up…..molestation, rape, malnourishment…. pretty much mistreatment on all levels possible. We were having a lot of sex and at the time I had no idea that we were exchanging demons back and forth like passing candy out on Halloween because we were not married – scripture explains this well. Let alone not knowing we were also passing other people’s demons back and forth that we had slept with or were sleeping with behind each other’s backs… what a messy terrible time. I really believe this due to my experience and education. Remember how I always state lies, denies & deceit, well that was exactly what it was and it thrives and owns you when you are practicing a lifestyle like that. Anyway, 2012 still – first weird wacky, crazy insane experience – I ended up getting this lower back pain (some sciatic nerve area) and it debilitated me for 2 weeks looking high and low for pain pills and then straight drugs which also kill pain. I will come back to this later and it will make sense. FYI, I am all over the place with this rough draft. I will edit 3x before it is better presentable. In no way shape or form do I consider evil, I only consider the demons to be evil. Ok random now, I shit you not I was sleeping next to her in her bed in her bedroom and I was wide awake but she was sleeping. Please excuse my language but I shit you not again, I witnessed 4-5 black silhouette tattered and cloaked entities circling in and out where the bedroom wall meets the ceiling. I’m dead sober perhaps a little sleep deprived I actually slapped myself several times in awe of what I was seeing with my own eyes kind of like when you slap yourself driving when you are almost falling asleep at the wheel.  I even elbowed my girlfriend several times but she was zonked out by her sleeping pills which are a whole mother type of bad animal in itself more on that later. I watched and watched for about 15-20 minutes and then suddenly a white silhouette entity appeared in the middle of the room between where I was lying down and where the dark entities where coming in and out from. This white silhouette entity was sitting down in a tall chair resembling some sort of authority figure wearing some sort of crown. In my mind’s eye, I saw the white one as good and that the circling black tattered and torn looking entities were purely evil. The white entity reached up several times and diminished these dark entities like breaking up smoke. Thinking back I took this as the first sign that I am now a believer in something. Ok so time passes and I am still under the bs false flag hoax job. Not knowing that how we have been deceiving each other, my lady and I decide to move in together in Benson. Little did I know it was a recipe for a shit storm to come. I will always point back to what I was becoming so imagine the frustration, anger & addictions getting magnified x 10 her and me both took Jekyll and Hyde to another level. Treating each other great and then the straight opposite. Her sleeping pill addiction was ridiculous and my alcohol and drug habits went into overdrive. My lady and I got baptized in Standing Bear Lake by a crazy lady from Ghana – next revision details that lol. Anyway, we stopped doing each other wrong and decided that we could possibly make it through the shit storm and come out ok. No sleep work work work because I thought I was going to get something out of it – err wrong. That guy never intended to share any money generated. I find it funny and ironic that I was just out of prison and speaking with random chiefs of police on the phone all day everyday breaking into a law enforcement market to compete versus a monopoly Taser Intl to supply shock weapons to police forces. In my craziness I alone broke the product line into successful sales and it was exciting because of the uphill battle from 2007-2013 developing something from the ground up. But I had no idea that I was working on a bullshit lie and I was never ever going to be rewarded. Me and the engineering director both decided it was time to walk away but we both did not know that each other were doing the same. Funny but I ended up really getting to this man who I then found out had been doing deliverance for 12 years for free for people who were either demon influenced or fully demonized needing exorcisms. I got a decade’s worth of education from this man in less than 6 months which brings me to where I am now. All praises go to Jesus Christ Yeshua!!! I am now involved with him in a small business since beginning of this year and doors are opening which I see as blessings from above. I am on the right side now and I tell you that the only guilt I know of now is how long it took me to find my faith. I break down in tears of appreciation every time I think about it like right now. I plan on cleaning this thing up and filling in much more detail next revision. This is revision 2 btw b/c the first one was all over worse than this one. Loll I will get it fully finished hopefully more sooner than later.

Ok back to the crazy insane weird unimaginable juicy stuff. The entire week before my flight date out of town was scheduled, that pain I mentioned came back but not as bad. My mind was off but I noticed and said to my lady….I am not good right now kind of just not me and should be excited to leave town for a good work purpose. so I went out of town for this new business up in the deep woods of pacific northwest and stayed for 2 weeks to get a product design developed and I stayed at a retired marine colonel’s mountain home beautiful it had a 4 star apt above the garage and my biz partner gave me the one bdrm he had been staying in for a month and he stayed on the couch in the other room. You will see why I mention such detail. So 7 days passed and I still had a bit of pain in my lower back but not too bad. The 8th day I suddenly woke up at 2:30 am and I shit you not, I not only had pain in my lower back, but my hernia area, my groin, shooting pain down my right leg only and pure fear in my mind like no other. Oh did I leave out that my entire genitals were being squashed sort of like they would in a vice grip…..oh my lord what is happening to me. It felt like I had a sword in my back and several blades in my other areas and a vice grip. My junk was in the scariest most painful erection of erections. I started applying pressure on the painful areas with my hands but the pain was too intense I almost passed out for real. There was nothing I could do so I went into prayer and recited curse breaking prayers over and over. Whatever this thing was I realized that I was under demonic attack by some sort of perverted sex demon and it had me by the goods man. Worst thing ever, I would rather have an ISIS coward point an assault rifle at my head than go through that kind of physical torture again. But then again maybe not because I ended up rebuking that dirt bag demon from further torment. Anyway, back to the battle so an hour passed and it’s now 3; 30 and this evil thing left my body not once but twice and shot back into me and the pain came back exactly how it was before. So I then started prayer for the angels to come down and bind this by cord and sword and escort it down to the pits of hell where they belonged. This thing sort of hovered over above me and instilled the most fear I have ever felt in my 38 years. I could not see it but it left the room and left me alone. Check this out, this thing left the room like i said and it tried to infect my biz partner in the next room. I shit you not, he knocked on the door and peeked his head in and said what the heck was that? I said did you hear me or something, and he said no, something tried to bother me or whatever he said to me. I said no way man and so i got up and sat down and told him what happened. And i laugh every time now because he tells me almost exactly what it was….he says that was probably some Succubus spirit. I get a kick out of that everytime i say it. I had absolutely zero pain and felt peace again which is how I know the Holy Spirit had been with me. Praise Jesus Christ because I began reciting his name over and over and over and then some and stated that I rebuke evil in the blood of Christ and then called on the angels because this thing was powerful and did not want to leave me. It comes to mind did I mention that I have experienced pain for over 2 years since that time it first came into me? I am glad to say that I am completely pain free physically, mentally, & spiritually and I give praises only to The Father, the Son Jesus Christ Yeshua meaning (Savior) & THE Holy Spirit. Amen!