Finely the long awaited book to answer all the questions concerning the supernatural for Christians and non-Christians!

Author Scott Hensler has put decades of information together revealing what demons, monsters and spirits really are and how to get rid of them! He also shows the connection of today’s issues worldwide in relation to the end-times. Now you will truly find out what is going on in our government, churches and even right in your own home!

I need to share that I was had a phone discussion with Scott and at the time I was going through a difficult time with my relationship, my lack of career, and my overall mental/physical health. I was to the point where I did not know where to turn for help. During the discussion I began to manifest while Scott was reciting certain prayers and I began to yelp loudly in a sort of drastic hiccupping manner. It was uncontrollable and then my wife comes in the room not knowing what was going on, and I then started coughing up something in my throat. I could feel it like it was yesterday and it was so bizzare. Scott pretty much recognized what i was going through and then he began to cast out possibly one demon that had kept me in bondage. This throat thing was like a large lump making it’s way up my esophagus kind of wiggling rapidly. This putrid thing finally came out of my mouth when i coughed very hard and then it was all over. I fell back into my wall in the hallway at home and slid down it like a slide in pure exhaustion but yet relief and amazement of what I went through. Did I mention bizarre? I know it was real as the sun & moon. Whoa nelly!!! I was so relieved like I said and very thankful but at a loss for words. For Scott it was just another walk in the park for him as he has helped people that needed deliverence much more than I. Scott didn’t even plan on going through this with me, it just happened and let me tell you he had the knowledge and skills to command whatever that awful thing was to leave me in peace. I have much more to share beause I have posed questions to him and from there on was overly ager to learn more and get myself educated. So I read his latest book…..Second Heaven Invasion and also began researching more in depth on

It is facinating to read and I kept myself as open as possible.

One thing I always tell myself, “if i experienced certain things, then there must be some truth behind it.”