Know The Enemy & Surrender to Jesus Christ

Second Heaven Invasion book!

Second Heaven Invasion book!

As true believers in Christ, we must know the enemy. In knowing the enemy, we must stand against it as our Lord has told us to do. Jesus gave us the gifts of being able to stand against the wicked wiles of evil demonic infection through the power of The Holy Spirit within the spiritual realm. This is our first battle we must win while we begin to extinguish the evil threats that we face in the physical world. My teacher always states, “there is no negotiation or compromising with evil and there is no honor amongst thieves”. So that being factual biblical scripture and common sense for our good, we need do what we must in combating evil from all angles because Satan does not play fair and we cannot fight the wicked forces with one hand tied around our backs. Praise Jesus Christ + nothing and our freedoms that our forefathers fought and died for to provide us!!! 

I choose to live now by opening myself up instead of continuing to live blind like most proclaimed Christian believers. I have been through two different deliverances this year 2014 and came out spiritually cleansed & saved only through the Blood of Christ. I now understand the true nature of “the gifts” our Lord has empowered us with through the Holy Spirit to fend off torment and iniquity! I only live according to our Lord’s Word through the Blood of Christ and am obligated to share His wisdom to any that wish to inquire. The Lord is a gentleman and does not force His Word on any of us so we must come only to Him for direction. I know it sounds the same as what people often say when they come to Jesus, but I testify through personal experience and witness to the reasons behind becoming saved. I never really knew until recently and am overly grateful. I had always wondered how people claimed to have been saved. I believe that the Lord chooses us through whatever or whoever so I continue to pay attention, observe and accept the signs that I had always mistaken to be coincidental. I no longer believe in coincidence, but rather Faith only. Faith does not happen over night and is a process. I am still in process and will continue to be because of the temptations of sin ultimately devised by the deceitful evil one. God only wants good for us. Who is the one that does not want good for us? Satan, because he hates God and His children. Lucifer was the #2 ranked angel under only God himself and he chose to try and raise himself above God the creator of all things so he was cast out of Heaven. What people do not know is that he has not yet been condemned to hell until final judgement by God’s wrath which is coming soon probably in our lifetime. We all are going to be judged so those who do not repent of known sin like Satan are in trouble. Satan has chosen his ways which has been confirmed by God, so he has shown that he is going to try and take as many of God’s children with him to the pits of hell as he can. All that is bad in the world is not of God but rather the enemy. The enemy stands before God at the gates of Heaven not being able to get in and is fully aware that time is short for him. This is why we are seeing so much chaos and despair right now and it is going to get worse so we must prepare by knowing what our sins are according to God and ask for forgiveness for each one of those sins as well as forgive those we feel have sinned against us so we can accept Jesus as our savior. Once we purify our heart by surrendering to Christ and repent against our sins past present & future, we can then start a new life in Christ that will be rid of torment, illness, stress, worry, lies, anger, cheating, deception, greediness, etc etc…..the list goes on and on. You see Satan is the grand creator of all those cursed transgretions and iniquities mentioned which is just a small fraction of them. That is not what God wants of any of us. Only fear God and Praise Jesus Christ because he is the only one that can save us from perishing under Satan’s incredibly well orchaestrated evil strategy. Spiritual warfare is all too real and it is going to soon manifest into the physical world because Satan still possesses all the knowledge of the angelic powers so he can destroy all which is that of God. This is just the basic summary that is easily explained but there is so much more detail that we all must seek and accept as truth or we will stay vulnerable to being blindsided by the grand deceptions and terror of our enemy. Open your heart, seek the truth, and Praise Jesus Christ as our Savior!!!


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